Tzuyu "YoY+DTNA" Stage Mistake GIF (KBS) 2019-12-26

GIF of Tzuyu / ツウイ GIF / 쯔위 GIF / 周子瑜 GIF
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Tzuyu "YoY+DTNA" Stage Mistake GIF (KBS) 2019-12-26

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Tzuyu "YoY+DTNA" Stage Mistake GIF (KBS gayo daechukje) 2019-12-26

This stage mixes "Yes or Yes" and "Dance the Night Away",
Tzuyu just followed DTNA and turn 2nd round,
be ready to sit down for DTNA ... so close and so cute

After 2nd turn, she found her dance mistake,
then, Tzuyu got some "What I just do" self blaming facial expression seconds later,
still, that's too cute. 💘 💘
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